Friday 5 — 5.16.2014


Foursquare begets Swarm, a mobile app that enables users to keep up and meet up with their connected friends. The check-in experience is largely the same, but new passive tracking allows for Neighborhood Sharing — which you can enable or disable with a swipe. Techcrunch describes the larger trend represented by Swarm and other invisible apps, as they move from a battle for the real estate...

Friday 5 — 1.17.2014


There are now 3.2 billion compelling reasons to get excited about the internet of things: this week, Google acquired connected home device maker Nest for a whopping $3.2 billion in cash. In return, Google gets a jumpstart in hardware and an ace design team. Privacy concerns abound, of course. Trying to make sense of this week’s ruling on net neutrality? Read this, and start to use...

How to irk an employee via enterprise email


A friend of mine recently switched jobs to join a large company. He completed all the typical first-day HR orientation activities, and after lunch received his new email address. The address took the first seven letters of his last name, Kraftman, and dutifully appended the first letter of his first name, A — to create an email address: “kraftmaa@company.com”. Needless to say...

From SOPA to Susan G. Komen to Superbowl


Hard to believe that in fewer than three weeks, social media has been front and center on three major news headlines: the SOPA defeat, the Susan G. Komen (apparent) reversal on Planned Parenthood, and tonight’s Superbowl. The first two events mark social’s expanding role in leading and shaping public opinion; the Superbowl stands out as the moment when social was self evident enough that TV ads...

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