Friday 5 — 2.10.2017


The Met announced this week that all images of public domain artworks are available under a CC0 license. That means ~375K images are free to use and re-mix for scholarly or commercial ends. To maximize reach, the Met is working with partners like Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Pinterest, and Artstor (that’s us!). Some technology advances, like the ability to make calendars visible and grab...

The once and future grail: Interop


Thanks to Nathan Matias for a terrific liveblog of Berkman’s Interop book event with John Palfrey and Urs Gasser last night. The need for interoperability isn’t new (see Cesar Brea’s 2002 post on Competition and the Role of Standards) but the scale at which it can be achieved in a internet-enabled world of open APIs is dramatically greater. Overall, Palfrey and Gasser find that the benefits...

Rusbridger on open journalism


How can we harness this [digital] revolution we’re living through to provide a better account of the world around us?
Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian speaking last night on open journalism at the 2012 Goldsmith Awards. See also their contemporary take on the Three Little Pigs…

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