Friday 5 — 2.10.2017

By Friday Five

  1. The Met announced this week that all images of public domain artworks are available under a CC0 license. That means ~375K images are free to use and re-mix for scholarly or commercial ends. To maximize reach, the Met is working with partners like Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Pinterest, and Artstor (that’s us!).
  2. Some technology advances, like the ability to make calendars visible and grab time from others, are an assault on workplace productivity. Here’s why.
  3. Web animations, from progress bars to what distracts you on a loading screen, can surprise and delight. Nick Babich shares how animation can be used to improve web experience.
  4. What does it mean to be code-dependent? Pew Research surfaces seven major themes of the algorithm era.  My favorite: the need for algorithmic literacy, transparency, and oversight.
  5. Are you concerned about the trove of data you’re sharing with social networks, companies, and the government? Our hyper-reliance on tech today has led to a privacy paradox, wherein we readily sacrifice personal data for coupons and convenience. Explore this five-part series, which recommends concrete steps you should take, like downloading Signal.

Weekend fun: Enjoy this engineer’s clever bots created to annoy the infamous Windows support scammers.  Some handy tips if people mispronounce your name at work.

Consumed: Lethal turnover at Duane Park Patisserie.

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