Friday 5 — 10.16.2015

By Friday Five

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  1. When you’re in love, you text daily. Or at least our teenagers do 72% of the time, compared with only 39% who talk on the phone daily. And when they break up? 43% untag or delete photos shared online. Read the full report on teens, technology, and romantic relationships.
  2. How do you manage product feedback in a period of exponential growth? Slack’s first product manager explains the value of smart hypotheses, his approach to quantitative and qualitative data, and common biases to avoid. Many of these process recommendations are as applicable to product management for enterprise digital services as they are to a rapid-growth startup.
  3. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages — Google’s recent attempt to improve mobile rendering speed while preserving content monetization models. With mobile usage exploding, creating an open web standard that improves content consumption that supports existing business models is a problem worth solving.
  4. Twitter has navigated a revolving door of CEOs, a stock price in free fall, and a significant layoff this week — but the product may have doubled down on its core value with the launch of Moments. Ben Thompson explains why a tweet-based newspaper may be a valuable product renewal, offering improved, more accessible user experience and a better, more targeted advertising model.
  5. If you’ve been using the web since the 1990s, you’ve likely experienced vanishing content — being unable to find something that existed before. In order to ensure the survival of the content we’re all putting on the web, we need to preserve not only the websites but maintain the technical environments in which they first appeared. This story of a nearly-lost journalism series posits that we may be living in the internet’s dark ages.

Weekend fun: Try to get away from the tech this weekend, now that a photographer has shown us just how creepy our screen addiction has made us. Before you unplug, though, you might want to check out this virtual reality demo. Demos like these help us see how Oculus Rift can create shared human experiences closely aligned with Facebook’s mission.

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