Friday 5 — 10.14.2016

By Friday Five

  1. Amazon is taking another swing at streaming music, but this time with Alexa as its not-so-secret weapon. Will the hardware that’s insinuating itself into our home lives (and turning our tots into tyrants) make the difference? Alexa’s already done a good job making Siri seem dumb.
  2. No one ever sits you down to teach you how to write an email, but they probably should. Here are three tips for writing effective emails — number three is my personal bête noire: propose something specific!
  3. Google Analytics is already a mainstay for website measurement with a drumbeat of steady, small enhancements. Now, the UI is about to get a whole lot better.
  4. In an age of constant interruption, there is nothing more challenging or worthwhile than time management. Julie Zhou shares her tips, and advocates for at least six, three-hour chunks for designers and other makers to get work completed. I’d argue that managers need at least half that, and that we’re all responsible for changing culture to make it possible.
  5. New enhancements to Google Photos now can turn them right side up, and make your moments into GIFs. It’s also banking on nostalgia with a “rediscovering your memories” feature.

Weekend fun: Tired of lugging around that expensive smartphone? Try a high five selfie. If that doesn’t keep you busy, you can spend the weekend looking at 150 GIFs released from the National Archive.

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