Friday 5 — 5.29.2015

By Friday Five

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  1. It’s worth reading every one of Mary Meeker’s internet trends slides. I’m struck by the relative rapidity and impact of the trends in the American work environment, including what motivates the millennial workforce (hint: not money), the ways connectivity has changed the nature of work, and the rise of online platforms, marketplaces and their impact. The slide above continues her observations on reimagining business communications — with Slack as a well chosen example of a transformative technology.
  2. The new Netflix redesign is visually pleasing, but more importantly, it’s based on a rigorous, data-driven approach. With more unbundled competition for video viewing, it makes sense for Netflix to invest heavily in gathering and driving decisions from their user data.
  3. Journalist/social media editor Sarah Marshall compiled a list of 19 useful tips and tools for social sharing and searching, I particularly liked her ideas for attribution and correction, and a few new tools to check out.
  4. For marketing analytics geeks, check out these 5 deadly myths, debunked. Some fall into the category of taking meaningful data and analytic advances to an illogical extreme, but many will ring familiar with those working at the intersection of marketing and tech in the enterprise.
  5. Expect to see more about virtual reality implementation as competition increases and technology goes mainstream. This week, Oculus announced that a VR-ready PC and headset should run you about $1,500 when it launches in 2016. Based on the wide adoption of GoPro plus drone videos (fun Harvard example), GoPro announced it was working on a VR camera + quadcopter drone combination to launch later next year.

Weekend fun:  Ever since I read the reviews for the Bic pen for women, I’ve wanted to find the female version of everyday products. Thank goodness for feminizeit! In other news, you can gauge how strong your 404 game is, or improve your web viewing with a Chrome extension that transforms references to millennials into “snake people“.

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