Friday 5 — 2.13.2015

By Friday Five


  1. With the rise of sideways traffic via search and social, the homepage of a news site isn’t the single navigational portal it once was. Still, it’s an important brand asset, and defines organizing principles for content. Here are 64 ways to think about a news home page.
  2. Balancing being informed with staying productive isn’t easy. It requires effort to find the right smart filters, be they human or algorithmic, to be up-to-date without devoting hours each day. Here’s how one woman audited her daily media habits to improve what she reads. Spoiler alert: there may not be a lot of value in links found on Facebook.
  3. Apparently millions of Facebook users have no idea they are using the internet. In developing countries, many new users are coming online solely through Facebook, which has serious implications for those trying to reach them. These studies are consistent with my wholly unscientific observations about Vietnam and Cambodia.
  4. Data visualization geeks can debate the efficacy of circular timelines. I liked the distinction drawn between information visualization to amplify cognition versus data decoration and data art.
  5. These days Google has a keener understanding of what you are looking for — and serves it up to you directly. Search for topics like the weather or a movie title, and Google will serve up relevant, local data above any linked results. This week Google added a compelling new category for avid symptom searchers: medical information.


Weekend fun: Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day goes as smoothly as it did for these Tiny Hamsters. Boston will need all the romantic meals, flowers, and chocolate as it can get, as snow threatens to cover even more of our athletes.

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