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[Mobile] March Madness


20% of browser-based (not an app) sports content viewed during the NCAA has been on a smartphone or tablet, according to Comscore. I’ve been thinking a lot about the second-screen effect, and how watching a show on a large screen TV is now often accompanied by engaging via a hashtag on Twitter or a viewing a network’s additinal features. But there’s a lot of primary rich media experiences taking...

Visualizing the #linsanity


Checking out to track the rise and fall of #linsanity – with Obama as top influencer. Great way to see the wax and wane of a topic on Twitter.

Serendipitous convergence


The day after the Berkman Center convened news thinkers to talk truthiness and Alan Rusbridger spoke of the impact of open journalism, KONY 2012 broke all records for viral video. All the right ingredients for the perfect social case study of discerning “truth” after the narrative spreads like wildfire. The Guardian asks “What’s the real story?” while Kristof that this scrutiny obscures the key...

Rusbridger on open journalism


How can we harness this [digital] revolution we’re living through to provide a better account of the world around us?
Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian speaking last night on open journalism at the 2012 Goldsmith Awards. See also their contemporary take on the Three Little Pigs…

Understanding Truthiness in Digital Media


Yesterday the Berkman Center hosted a conference focused on defining and dissecting the ways propaganda and (mis)information spread online. As usual, the stellar participants contributed along with the presenters to deliver a thoughtful and provocative event. There are already several liveblogs, and Storifies, and a whole host of tweets tagged #truthicon from people able to stay for the full day...

Content & design practices from HBO Go


AllThingsD interviewed Allison Moore, SVP digital platforms at HBO. HBO Go is one of my favorite apps, and provides, just as she describes “an incredible digital experience for our customers…just like they have with our content…wherever consumers expect us to be.” The “wherever they expect us to be” part is pretty impressive, with existing or planned content distribution partnerships with Roku...

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