Understanding Truthiness in Digital Media

By General

Yesterday the Berkman Center hosted a conference focused on defining and dissecting the ways propaganda and (mis)information spread online. As usual, the stellar participants contributed along with the presenters to deliver a thoughtful and provocative event.

There are already several liveblogs, and Storifies, and a whole host of tweets tagged #truthicon from people able to stay for the full day. The morning session I saw reminded me that amid all the technology excitement (at its annual peak with the Dow high and SXSWi this weekend) there’s a lot to watch out for with the deliberate and accidental creation and spread of misinformation online – there was good fodder here for the tech dystopian crowd. Individuals and institutions need to think about how we educate ourselves in the critical thinking and practical tactics to get the truth out there as we all wade into the fray.

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