Friday 5 — 4.4.2014


A Pew report on older adults and technology use finds that more seniors are online. Today, 59% of 65+ adults are connected, compared with 53% in 2012 and only 35% back in 2008. And they’re more social: more than half of women 65+ use social networking sites, validating my theory that grandchildren photos are a critical driver for Facebook adoption.¬†Seniors still lag notably in smartphone...

Friday 5 — 11.29.2013


Shopping on your mind today? Jeremaiah Owyang posted¬†Ten Trends for the Progressive Retailer. Not sure how far “purpose beyond profits” will go, but some very interesting ideas here about how companies will use data about customers to reward behaviors, and the impact of sharing as a business model. Betaworks, the tech studio that brought us useful services like Chartbeat and bloglovin...

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