Friday 5 — 3.11.2016


When are people on Facebook, Reddit, or Gmail? This data dive by Medium’s head of Product Science discovered that the times of day when people read tend to follow consistent patterns each week.  Design thinking has been all the rage for a while. It’s one thing to understand the overall concept, and yet another to change an organizational culture. This McKinsey interview examines ways...

Why digital is bigger than the screen


“Digital is bigger than the screen,” says Zach Dunn, who co-founded digital experience company One Mighty Roar with his brother, Sam. [tweetable]We can already see how digital experiences are transcending the screen[/tweetable], from ubiquitous FitBits and Jawbones to emerging Google Glass to Evernote’s move into Moleskine and PostIts. Arduino experiments are everywhere, with...

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