Emerging law for data inheritance


More broadly, America’s Uniform Law Commission, a non-partisan group that creates model legislation that is then adopted unchanged by many American states, has a “Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets” committee working on amendments to existing ULC laws that would give executors many of the same powers over digital assets that they have over financial and physical ones, while...

Quick takes: Apple vs. Samsung


Round up of interesting opinions on last Friday’s decisive victory (see this comprehensive count-by-count summary in the Wall Street Journal) for Apple in the patent wars: Get ready for price increases, but maybe some great alternative designs from Android per Wired. Despite some gloating Microsoft execs, PCWorld thinks this may not automatically constitute a win for Windows phones (and any...

From SOPA to Susan G. Komen to Superbowl


Hard to believe that in fewer than three weeks, social media has been front and center on three major news headlines: the SOPA defeat, the Susan G. Komen (apparent) reversal on Planned Parenthood, and tonight’s Superbowl. The first two events mark social’s expanding role in leading and shaping public opinion; the Superbowl stands out as the moment when social was self evident enough that TV ads...

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