Friday 5 — 11.7.2014


This week Google Maps is rolling out a new redesign with improved ease of use. Beyond the clean look and brighter palette, note the increased surfacing of transactions through the map, like making a restaurant reservation through Open Table or booking a car through Uber. Reddit’s Bit of News bot summarizes news that’s shared on Reddit as it reaches a certain click-popularity threshold, and then...

Cloud factory


Thanks to the team at The Cloud Factory in Canada for putting together a great event on the state of cloud technology — and its digital economy and innovation impact. Stunning backdrops, great ideas, and good debates about everything from pricing wars to cloud commoditization to flavors of Open Stack. Below are the slides I presented on  innovation made possible by the cloud for the theme...

Friday 5 — 4.4.2014


A Pew report on older adults and technology use finds that more seniors are online. Today, 59% of 65+ adults are connected, compared with 53% in 2012 and only 35% back in 2008. And they’re more social: more than half of women 65+ use social networking sites, validating my theory that grandchildren photos are a critical driver for Facebook adoption. Seniors still lag notably in smartphone...

"The cloud" — way better than the buzzword


Cloud Terrace is astonishing — it’s a wire mesh cloud with 10,000 crystals hovering over a reflecting pool at Dumbarton Oaks, a DC-based research library and collection (and host of the WWII era Dumbarton Oaks conference).
Curious what else they get up to down there? Researchers are now blogging some of the pieces in their collection.

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