5 ways Google delivers winning World Cup results


If you can’t watch every game live, you may be spending a lot of time surreptitiously tuning into the World Cup via search. Google serves up a clean, selective summary on the search results page above the organic news and web links. A search today for “France World Cup” yielded the interface below on desktop view: The desktop view directs the eye to a visual view of current game...

Search interest: Arsenal vs. Manchester Utd


Highly unscientific, correlation is not causation, etc., but fun to see search interest in Arsenal FC rising and predicted to rise more as they finished 2013 at the top of the Premier League.

Effective data visualization, football edition


As an Arsenal fan (the London team that’s currently first in the Premier League, a fact I try to work speciously into every conversation), I spend far more time than I should reading about soccer/football online. Like many sports, football is a goldmine of data from goals to assists to caps. In addition, football (unlike American football) is a game played globally, so there’s rich...

Lovely and functional football table


Most of the football visualizations I find seem to vanish after a few weeks or months, but I sure hope The Beautiful Table sticks. Designed by Jon Ferry, this lovely and functional visualization shows you how your team (in my case, sadly, Arsenal in the Premier League) is faring. There are many small details that make this work, including use of club colors, smart mouseover behaviors withe match...

Shuffling deck chairs in European football


I follow Arsenal because I am a committed glutton for punishment. Agency Signal | Noise built this handy visualization to help you follow the rate and flow of players and money in European football. It’s helpful to see who’s accelerating the pace of cash out for talent — and vice versa.
h/t Information Aesthetics

Are effective school behaviors harming women in the workplace?


Do Women Need to Realize that Work Isn’t School? Whitney Johnson and Tara Mohr point out in HBR that behaviors that enable young women to excel in school may serve them less well in the workplace. Johnson and Mohr argue, and I agree, that all employees and particularly women need to become more comfortable with behaviors like questioning authority, embracing improvisation, and engaging in...

The antithesis to 10,000 hours


There’s a lot of reasonable thinking out there about how a skill is mastered, including the 10,000-hour rule popularized by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m the first to advocate for the value of persistence — in marketing analytics, software development, and countless other disciplines there’s tremendous value in chasing every issue to its core and in finishing the job, even down...

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