Summer reading picks

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widener libraryWith Memorial Day and Harvard’s commencement in the rear view mirror and temperatures in Boston threatening to stay over 50º F, it’s time to start thinking about summer reading. Not a lot slows down at work, but I invariably put together an overly-ambitious summer reading list. This year, I’ll try get through at least five of them, lest the sea of tweets reduces me to faking cultural literacy.

A few useful lists as starting points:

Many swear by goodreads, but the site feels too vertical a social network to stay connected with more than periodically. Also, I trust someone’s reading tastes far more when served up within the context of an overall social network profile. After all, how seriously will you take a satirical novel recommendation when it’s posted among 74 toddler pictures?

Mostly I read on Kindle for iPad, but for vacation I rely on the physical books, which are excellent for resisting the temptation of toggling to work email. Summer provides an opportunity to shut down the laptop and with focused attention — something too often in short supply.


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