Here’s why Google indexing tweets matters

By General

This week I was looking for an article about the pressures of media coverage on scientific research to send to a few colleagues. All I could remember was that it was in the New York Times recently, and had the words “perils” and “publishing” in the title. So I searched within Google News for “perils publishing science nytimes” and here’s what I got:

perils publishing new york times search

No dice. This seemed surprising, since I was certain I had the key details right. Next, I remembered that Jeffrey Flier, dean of Harvard Medical School, had tweeted the article. So I searched again, this time substituting Flier’s Twitter handle for the New York Times domain: “perils publishing science jflier”.

perils publishing jflier search

Immediate success. As we get more of our news via our social graph, we’re bound to recall the messenger as well as the the content. It’s a clear win for Google search to help us recreate those experiences.

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