Friday 5 — 12.13.2013

By General

  1. Instagram Direct lets you send your photos, videos, and messages to select recipients. While comparisons to Snapchat feature prominently in the media coverage, this feels more like a catch-up feature like its video announcement back in June. One new ephemeral capability: you can delete your photos from recipients’ phones.
  2. In another Snapchat-response move, Twitter announced you can direct message photos — along with a bunch of other enhancements designed to keep you in-app longer. Smooth new swiping action in the mobile app lets you see activity and “discover” more easily.
  3. Canadian messaging company Kik at 100 million registered users may already be bigger than Snapchat, which declines to disclose its numbers. Kik’s support for HTML5-based content provides more flexibility to download games and content in-app — a big bet on the Web as its future.
  4. Chart geeks, rejoice! In this season of best-ofs, the Wire has compiled the best 2013 charts. Big momentum behind fruit flavored candy with Jolly Rancher, Twizzler, and Starburst rising in Twitter mentions (and, allegedly, sales).
  5. Open source software is eating itself, with more projects emerging and competing with one another throughout the stack. How can an enterprise know where to place its bets? Look for a strong community supporting the project, and code activity (releases, commits/month).

youtube trends

Weekend fun: YouTube Trends tell me that most of the country is watching 2013 rewind, so I guess you should be, too. I mean, it would be really depressing to dwell on the fact that all this stuff from 1994 is now 20 years old.

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