Friday 5 — 9.11.2015

By Friday Five

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  1. If you’re thinking about mobile as just another line item in your overall internet strategy, Benedict Evans will set you straight.
  2. Some company cultures are more conducive to digital transformation, while others hinder progress. This HBR post discusses the risks of excessive focus on technology, and the benefits of distributed decision-making.
  3. Your digital footprint — gleaned from likes and comments on social media — may reveal more about you than you think. Research confirms that computers analyzing data can discern a surprising amount of personal information from online interactions. Click wisely.
  4. Despite the apparent absence of groundbreaking news, the Apple announcements dominated the news cycle.  Stratechery weighs in on Apple’s approach to products and platforms, including the strength of the high margin iPhone and the weakness of the iPad developer ecosystem.
  5. Buzzsumo and Moz analyzed 1,000 pieces of content and drew some conclusions about shares and links [PDF]. Some were unsurprising — authoritative domains matter, shares are more personal than links — and others were encouraging, like the relatively strong performance of longform (>1,000 words) content.

Weekend fun: Miss the Apple keynote? Catch up with some Apple pencil jokes, or see how this cartoonist foretold the future.

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