Friday 5 — 09.06.2013

By General

  1. We know almost everything about the iPhone 5C except the most critical one: price. Mobile pro Benedict Evans breaks it down.
  2. Price point for the new iPhone is highly correlated to its global #2 performance in the face of Android’s dominance. Market share stakes are high with an estimated total of 1.8B mobile phones shipping this year, and 2.3B units predicted by 2017.
  3. Does it seem like you spend about twice as much time online as you did three years ago? Apparently, you’re right, and those smartphones and tablets are to blame.
  4. If you’ve ever sheepishly deleted your browser history, rest assured that you’re in the majority. According to Pew, 86% of internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints. Perhaps more surprising was the news that 21% of internet users reported an email or social networking account compromised or commandeered without permission.
  5. At last — big data comes to the women’s sport pages! Check out this awesome rapgenius analysis of the New York Times wedding section. is a database of ~60K wedding announcements published in the New York Times from 1981 to 2013.

Every Friday, find five, highly subjective links about compelling technologies, emerging trends, and interesting ideas that affect how we live and work digitally. Please let me know what I’ve missed in the comments below.

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