Friday 5 — 8.1.2014

By Friday Five

  1. Product HuntIn less than a year Product Hunt has become an essential daily ritual for the tech obsessed. How did it get there? It identified a clear problem: “Help me find the latest new, cool things.”Then the team made a bunch of smart decisions, including launching with an early, buggy version (and improving from there!), starting a consistent, daily email driving users to the site, and conducting initial personal outreach to build the community. Read more about Product Hunt’s first year.
  2. Productivity apps help you demolish your to-do list, and manage/filter information overload. Increasingly, users are starting off with mobile apps, but the real benefit emerges when the apps work across multiple screens. Supporting mobile and desktop pays off — these connected-everywhere apps drive wider distribution, and create a stickiness that promotes retention by increasing the switching cost.
  3. When people picture a hot startup, they generally have in mind the latest consumer-facing technology. But developers (and their lagging indicator, VCs) are discovering enterprise tech is back in vogue: it’s a large market opportunity with a pressing need for growth and change. So maybe now it’s cool to be boring.
  4. Here’s one theory why responsive design can’t be your only mobile strategy. While there’s no easy way to discuss mobile without invoking well-trodden holy wars (“can we ever say above the mobile fold?” ) there are a few good points here about cell network latency, the need for speed, and the importance of testing on actual devices.
  5. As more organizations recognize and formalize the need for content strategy, how do you explain and demystify the terms of art? The content strategy term of the week has you covered: start with taxonomy.

Weekend fun: Executives at Yahoo probably lie awake nights thinking of ways to make their products and services better. You know what would vastly improve Yahoo Answers? Audra McDonald singing them, that’s what.


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