Friday 5 — 7.22.2016

By Friday Five

  1. Keeping up this weekly newsletter relies heavily on a single Chrome extension, Pocket. Throughout the week, I use the productivity tool to capture the interesting articles that fly by and read through them all on Thursday evening. Product Hunt promises that these seven Chrome extensions will similarly change your internet life.
  2. AI is coming to marketing through capabilities as diverse as website design, customer segmentation, and bots. Not all of these are ready for prime time, as early bot forays have shown, but this article suggests ways to explore AI in your marketing mix.
  3. Our familiarity with web navigation has made domain names less critical, and search and social media promised to make them irrelevant. Yet a domain name remains a highly visible brand touchpoint, and an obstacle when you get it wrong. Here are a set of rules on how to choose an effective domain name.
  4. All organizations are striving for more native digital capability, but is yours best suited to a digital transformation or a digital upgrade? Try asking these seven questions before getting started, including whether your organization is ready for shared value creation, and whether your team is prepared to embrace necessary change.
  5. As George Orwell surely meant, all Twitter users are equal, but some Twitter users are more equal than others. Verified users have long enjoyed privileges denied to the rank and file, such as the ability to filter their notifications to show replies, mentions, or likes by other verified users. But all that may change, now that Twitter has opened an application process for users to become verified.

Weekend fun: Not sure of the etiquette for emojis at work? Let this be your guide.  You may find yourself using 😱 a lot if you recognize this CEO who has just a few changes to the website.

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