Friday 5 — 6.26.2015

By Friday Five

atlas chart internet traffic

  1. News stories are often well told visually, particularly in an era where more data than ever is available. Business and tech news site Quartz launched Atlas, a slickly-designed command center for all its charts, where you can download, embed, or grab the data. And it’s an open source product, so you can create your own version.
  2. McKinsey looks at ways that large organizations are raising their digital quotient: strategy, scale, culture, and talent. Their connectivity point focuses on brands and their customers, but these behaviors will also have a large impact on operations within the enterprise.
  3. Does your organization have a reverse-mentorship program around digital? Millennials are helping older professionals with tech in the workplace.
  4. LinkedIn has over 360M members worldwide, and is making some savvy changes to continue that growth. Recent shifts include moving toward a ‘follow’ rather than a reciprocal ‘friending’ model, and becoming a viral platform for content publishing.
  5. In the last 90 days on U.S. government websites, mobile and tablet account for about 32% of traffic. Learn more about user behavior and popular content on government websites at the new analytics portal,

Weekend fun: Who among us has not sent an email we regret? Gmail undo to the rescue. But when that inappropriate pixel-blurt comes out as a sexist tweet, you may find yourself at the mercy of Amy Poehler.

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