Friday 5 – 05.24.2013

By General

Every Friday, find five quick links about compelling technologies, emerging trends, and interesting ideas. Source: the internet.

  1. There’s a new Pew Internet/Berkman Center report on teens and privacy. The report confirms that sharing on social is up overall; more teens are on Twitter; and enthusiasm for Facebook and its drama may be waning. 
  2. Those mobile-savvy teens eschewing Facebook in favor of Tumblr now find themselves on Yahoo, as the 1.1B purchase was finalized this week. With a mixed track record for acquisitions, can Yahoo keep its promise not to screw it up?
  3. Storify and Typekit team up to help brands customize their stories. As the world becomes more real-time and social, Storify is a canny curatorial end run against enterprise CMS; offering better customization options for paying customers is a smart move.
  4. Over 2 million Oklahoma tornado tweets have been automatically processed. As citizens have solidified their presence as social media news sources in recent events including Oklahoma, Boston, and London, automating analysis using algorithms will be essential to separate news from noise.
  5. Finally, NPR reports from the future on the use of bots in therapeutic settings. As we begin to narrow what falls into the uncanny valley of creepy, human-like interaction, I predict these kinds of bots will turn up in a wide range of interactions from caregiving to news reading.

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