Friday 5 — 5.20.2016

By Friday Five


  1. Bots won’t replace apps, better apps will. Read the entire post for insights on the limitations of the conversational user interface, including too many taps and lingering skeuomorphism in chat interaction design.
  2. 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound, which is why you’ll find savvy organizations posting videos like thisthis, or this — all tell a compelling story with the audio off.
  3. Can you learn UX in a one-week course? Unlikely, according to this post summarizing the missteps in education for user experience designers.  Don’t miss the embedded link to useful books, blogs, and podcasts geared toward aspiring and learning UX designers.
  4. Part of the challenge faced by IDEO designers is helping their client companies accept change. This HBR post describes transformative empathy, co-design, and shared vision as three core tools in their arsenal.
  5. Product managers juggle a wide range of tasks — from plotting the course to managing tactical features and functions. Product Hunt picked 9 useful apps for a product manager’s toolkit.

Weekend fun: There’s definitive proof that low-tech can be fun in this week’s agency post-it wars. Set phasers to stun: Nerd alert. News you can use: universities seeking new titles with just a soupçon of bureaucratic bloat should try this handy title generator.

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