Friday 5 — 5.8.2015

By Friday Five

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  1. No matter how much time I spend trying to do a respectable job managing my digital assets, I take a look at the state of my photos online and despair. If you feel the same way, these photo management tips are for you.
  2. The Instagram engineering blog performed a fascinating machine-learning analysis of the rise of a new language: emoji. Fun fact: a mere 38% of posts in the United States contain emoji, while the Finns top out at 60%.
  3. Advertisers believe that teens are abandoning social, and data shows that networks like Facebook are hard hit. But are teens just redefining what social means?
  4. If your colleagues are anything like mine, they’ve been obsessively uploading and comparing disastrous “How old do I look?” shots. Fun aside, this viral tool is a data miner’s dream for Microsoft.
  5. GPS location data has gone far beyond driving directions as the primary use case. Exploring new places and frequenting local haunts are made better by restaurant suggestions, coupons, and weather alerts. But as we trade location data for convenience, it’s worth remembering who’s watching.

plateWeekend fun:  Smartphone food photographers rejoice: a new line of Instagram-friendly dinnerware is designed for you to take the perfect shot. Watch this completely un-ironic video to see “the Limbo” or “the 360” in all their glory. 

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