• Friday 5 — 4.29.2016

    Friday 5 — 4.29.2016

    Product Hunt delivers nine tools and resources that tell you everything you wanted to know about Snapchat but were afraid to ask. These tips may prevent your head from exploding when you try to understand […]

  • Friday 5 — 4.15.2016

    Friday 5 — 4.15.2016

    We’ve all been hearing a lot about bots — but what are they? Facebook Messenger’s new release paves the way for more bot interaction, and Engadget has compiled a list of Facebook Messenger bots in […]

  • Friday 5 — 4.8.2016

    Friday 5 — 4.8.2016

      Live video is becoming more popular from breaking news coverage to ordinary, slice-of-life broadcasts. Try this new Facebook Live map to see real-time videos now playing worldwide. Reddit has launched its first official apps for iOS […]

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