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Perry Hewitt is an established leader in digital strategy, with extensive experience in both corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Read more.


Perry regularly speaks about digital transformation, marketing and content strategy, user experience, mobile, women and leadership, and the social web. See recent and upcoming speaking events.


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Recent posts

  • How Budweiser won the Nobel Prize in chemistry

    How Budweiser won the Nobel Prize in chemistry

    It’s easy to spot the difference between an organization with digital DNA and an organization still making the transition. Here’s an example highlighting different approaches to breaking news. On Monday morning the Nobel Prize […]

  • Friday 5 — 9.25.2015

    Friday 5 — 9.25.2015

    Facebook has already established itself as a formidable video-serving rival to YouTube. This week, with the help of its Oculus acquisition, Facebook launched 360 degree videos — click and drag the video above to see what […]

  • Friday 5 — 9.18.2015

    Friday 5 — 9.18.2015

    A survey of >4,000 designers revealed the most commonly used design tools, from brainstorming to wireframing to project management. As a big user of different project management platforms, I found it interesting to see the […]

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