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  • Friday 5 — 11.27.2015

    Friday 5 — 11.27.2015

    It’s been an odd, three-day work week on the interwebs. We had the #SlackDown maelstrom with an impressive social media save, fake Don DeLillo joined Twitter to announce a fake death, and then a real Jeff […]

  • Friday 5 — 11.20.2015

    Friday 5 — 11.20.2015

    Google just made a big improvement to finding in-app content on mobile. On Android devices, Google will now launch the app if you have it installed, or stream the content to you if you don’t. This is an […]

  • Friday 5 — 11.13.2015

    Friday 5 — 11.13.2015

    Who are your top 9 — the people who appear in that mysterious box on your Facebook profile page? Turns out it’s not the people whom you stalk (or who stalk you). Instead, Facebook’s algorithm displays […]

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