• Friday 5 — 5.27.2016

    Friday 5 — 5.27.2016

    Friday 5 is taking a break to go peer at people's internet-enabled devices in 三门峡 and 西安 -- neither of which I can pronounce, but Wikipedia can teach you. Back in time for Lionel Messi's birthday, Friday, June 24. This […]

  • Friday 5 — 5.20.2016

    Friday 5 — 5.20.2016

    Bots won't replace apps, better apps will. Read the entire post for insights on the limitations of the conversational user interface, including too many taps and lingering skeuomorphism in chat interaction design. 85% of Facebook video is watched […]

  • Friday 5 — 5.13.2016

    Friday 5 — 5.13.2016

    Findings from Artefact's recent design maturity survey indicate that your chief design officer is not your savior. Other tactics, like training cross-disciplinary teams in design thinking, may have more impact than a single, high-profile hire. There's not a […]

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