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Perry Hewitt is an established leader in digital strategy, with extensive experience in both corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Read more.


Perry regularly speaks about digital transformation, marketing and content strategy, user experience, mobile, women and leadership, and the social web. See recent and upcoming speaking events.


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Recent posts

  • Friday 5 — 7.24.2015

    Friday 5 — 7.24.2015

    Social media success is about much more than mastering the platforms and tools. Finding a voice that resonates, developing terrific content, and building an engaged community require a culture of experimentation and continuous learning. Quartz […]

  • Friday 5 — 7.10.2015

    Friday 5 — 7.10.2015

    We all see (and rely on) many more visual representations of data these days — charts are everywhere in your social streams. Needless to say, how you set up your chart to reflect the […]

  • Friday 5 — 7.3.2015

    Friday 5 — 7.3.2015

    What does the White House’s new photography policy tell us about the opportunity for brand building? Read my new piece over at Harvard Business Review on the visual web’s latest victory: the White House selfie. […]

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