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Happy birthday, cherished LinkedIn professional acquaintance!


Whether you use LinkedIn on a laptop, the traditional mobile app or the new Connected app, you’ve no doubt encountered the LinkedIn birthday phenomenon. I don’t know how well LinkedIn thought this user experience through, but here’s how it plays out in practice. Remember that slightly sweaty but affable guy you sat next to at Dreamforce back in 2004? And that you talked about CRM and found out...

Friday 5 — 7.25.2014


The New Yorker has updated its web presence to take advantage of the internet’s love affair with quality, longform reads. The mobile design gets it right, with smooth interactive elements like a fly-in hamburger menu. This Guardian review credits the re-design for avoiding looking “like a middle-aged man dropping the ends of his words in an attempt to be down with the kids.” One...

Friday 5 — 7.18.2014


With a growing and highly engaged (dare I say fanatical?) user base, Instagram has remained a social media darling. This comprehensive piece describes how its founders make the business tick, keep user engaged in a landscape of mercurial tastes, and prepare the app for monetization in the future. There’s a new Facebook app, but only for famous people. Features focus on ease of use for...

Friday 5 — 7.11.2014


LinkedIn launched an app called Connected to simplify and enhance networking. The app provides members with more information about the current status of their contacts, including new jobs, media mentions, and the dubious milestone of the “work anniversary”. The calendar sync allows for pre-meeting intelligence, which means pushing you information about contacts just ahead of your...

Friday 5 — 7.4.2014


What are the kids up to on the internet these days? A handy breakdown of reported social network usage by the high school class of 2014 reveals that Facebook is still a player with 61% of teens accessing at least once a day. Also, breaking news: Teens hide what they are doing online from their parents. Google search results linking to articles are disappearing in the European Union, courtesy of...

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