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Quick takes: Apple vs. Samsung


Round up of interesting opinions on last Friday’s decisive victory (see this comprehensive count-by-count summary in the Wall Street Journal) for Apple in the patent wars: Get ready for price increases, but maybe some great alternative designs from Android per Wired. Despite some gloating Microsoft execs, PCWorld thinks this may not automatically constitute a win for Windows phones (and any...

Is that social account legit?


The GSA announced the launch of an official registry of government social media accounts.  Their goals were to help users understand which accounts are legitimate in an era of phishing; offer a series of APIs for agencies to pull data back out of these burgeoning social accounts; and make the registry itself available to agencies, reducing duplication and error. We launched a modest version of...

Closing statement in the trial of Russian punk band Pussy Riot


It is the entire state system of the Russian Federation which is on trial and which, unfortunately for itself, thoroughly enjoys quoting its cruelty towards human beings, its indifference to their honour and dignity, the very worst that has happened in Russian history to date.
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s closing statement in the trial of Russian punk band Pussy Riot

Down and out (of access) in Paris and London


Was lucky enough to get a little time away this summer — never enough — and sneak off to  London and Paris. Managed to avoid the Jubilee and the Olympics for the former, and all the Parisians (and, regrettably, their best boulangeries) for the latter. It was eye-opening to me how much more digital and mobile London felt. Everything from finding location-aware Tube maps to evaluating museum passes...

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