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The once and future grail: Interop


Thanks to Nathan Matias for a terrific liveblog of Berkman’s Interop book event with John Palfrey and Urs Gasser last night. The need for interoperability isn’t new (see Cesar Brea’s 2002 post on Competition and the Role of Standards) but the scale at which it can be achieved in a internet-enabled world of open APIs is dramatically greater. Overall, Palfrey and Gasser find that the benefits...

What will gamification look like in 2020?


Pew Internet recently issued a report featuring divergent opinions on gamification, and asked respondents to consider how gamification might fit into people’s day-to-day digital lives by 2020. I agreed more with the statement that it would be “implemented in many new ways for education, health, work, and other aspects of human connection.” My take is that gamification will play a central role...

What makes a video go viral?


When people starting calling/texting/emailing me on Monday about Harvard baseball’s inspired version of “Call Me, Maybe,” I had a sense it might captivate people – but I didn’t predict how much. The video’s been picked up everywhere from Good Morning America to New York Daily News to Mashable, with views closing in on 880,000 at the time of posting. It’s hard to predict what catches...

Getting ready for the campus tsunami


The early Web radically democratized culture, but now in the media and elsewhere you’re seeing a flight to quality. The best American colleges should be able to establish a magnetic authoritative presence online.
David Brooks, The Campus Tsunami

Tying transaction to check-in


The friction inherent to the foursquare check-in becomes a harder sell in an attention economy full of competing distractions – the value had better be high. Today, foursquare announced a partnership with OpenTable. Marrying the “Explore” feature’s social reviews by friends with the transaction and history of OpenTable’s reservation system is a big win, especially for travelers. It’s...

edX is here


edX is a joint partnership between The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to offer online learning to millions of people around the world. edX will offer Harvard and MIT classes online for free. Through this partnership, the institutions aim to extend their collective reach to build a global community of online learners and to improve education for everyone. More.

Digital delivery: CMO innovation summit


Thanks to Margaret Molloy for Eight Digital Imperatives for CMOs, a thoughtful distillation of a panel from the CMO innovation summit in NYC last week. I liked the panel’s focus on digital delivery – there are a lot of digital theorists and issue spotters in any large organization, but this panel focused on practical approaches for successful digital experience delivery. Agree with all...

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